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Lata Mangeshkar


Everyone has role models. And I have no qualms in admitting that Noor Jehan was mine. We listened to Noor Jehan in childhood and grew with her notes in mind. Noor Jehan had a mastery over Sur and her voice had no vibration in any sort of crescendos. She was nice and blessed by Allah. Noor Jehan's death has created a vacuum in the music of the Subcontinent. She treated me as her younger sister and whenever we met she always hugged me… Her death has created a vacuum in the world of music which cannot be filled.

Asha Bhosle
Badnam mohabat kaun kare badnam is my favourite song by Noor Jehan. I had seen her in early childhood when Badi Maa was made. I have also played a role in that film. I call her Aapa. She sings
beautifully. She was one of the greatest female playback singers at the time of K L Saigalsaab. Just as people have not seen another Rafi or Kishore after their demise, there won't be another Noor Jehan!

Usha Mangeshkar
I have been influenced deeply by Lata's style. I have also been deeply influenced by singers like K.L. Saigal and Noor Jehan.

Uma Devi/Tun Tun
... after repeated requests to sing for the maestro Naushad, I was finally granted an audience. I charmed the renowned composer with a rendition of Noor Jehan's classic, 'Andhiyan Gham Ki Yun Chali, Bagh Ujar Ke Reh Gaya', 'He made me stop midway. I knew I had made it'.


Noor Jehan was my ideal. Noor Jehan was the most affectionate person, an ideal mother and a top class career woman. She was one of the greatest singer actresses the world has ever seen and the film industry has yet to produce another like her. I was only 14 years when I acted with Noor Jehan and was not a trained singer. But both Noor Jehan and Naushad encouraged me to sing in the film,I got a small role in the film but got noticed because of her. The film was a big hit and celebrated diamond jubilee in novelty cinema. It was a great experience with Noor Jehan as she was friendly, witty and used to crack jokes and also used to give me tips for make up.She was like my sister, a great mother and a fighter who carried on with her career despite being a single mother.

Fareeda Khanum
Personalities such as Madam Noor Jehan are among God's rarities. God sends such people to us with special love, which they spread in this sad world. But God recalls them with the same special
love and the world is poorer for their absence. May God rest her soul in eternal peace.

I am a great fan of K.L. Saigal and Noor Jehan. I sang with Noorjehan in 'Naukar'.

Sudha Malhotra
Mehndi Hassan and Noor Jehan are my favorite singers. I love the way Noor Jehan sings! Among contemporary singers, there is no one who has touched my heart.

Nayyara Noor
My favorite singers include Lata Mangeshkar and Noor Jehan.


Dilip Kumar (Legendary Film Star):

Personally I consider Noor Jehan amongst the historical figures that ever dawned on the Indian motion picture screen. She had enchanted generations in India and then people of the divided sub-
continent with her glorious voice, her songs and melodies. An artist of rare calibre and quality has gone to her Maker.

Sajjad Hussain (composer):

God created Noor Jehan and Lata Mangeshkar to sing. Then I don't know why he bothered to create any more singers at all.

Saadat Hassan Manto (Legendary short story writer):

I probably saw her for the first time in Khandan (1942). Those days she was [called] "Baby" – even though she did not look anything like that on the screen. Her body had all those curves and figures
that may be found in a young woman's body and which she may display when need be.

Noor Jehan for the cinegoers in those days was a fitna, a real heartthrob but I could not find any such thing in her. There only was her voice that was really overwhelming. If I have been impressed by anyone's voice after Saigal it is Noor Jehan's … I thought if this girl desires she can find it possible to stay on a single note for hours – just as acrobats stay on a tight-rope without a flicker.

Those days only two voices were holding the sway: Saigal's and Noor Jehan's. Khurshid Begum also reigned, and so did Shamshad Begum. But all those other voices were drowned in the voice of Noor Jehan.

ANIL BISWAS (composer):

Noor Jehan was a wonderful singer... When Lata started singing, she used to imitate Noor Jehan who was very popular. But I told her, 'we have a Noor Jehan, you must create your style'. Her song for
me, Tumhare bulaneko ji chahata hai, was sung in the Noor Jehan style.

Khurshid Anwar (Pakistan's ACE composer):

Without Noor Jehan's voice, I would not have been able to accomplish a tenth of what I have. She has been the only real voice in Pakistan.

Khwaja Pervaiz (Lyricist):

I have never come across such a gem as Madam Noor Jehan. She
had great control over her voice and expression while singing,
through which she expressed the exact feelings that the poet was
trying to convey.

Raju Bharatan (Biographer of Lata Mangeshkar):

Lata was Marathi Noor Jehan!

Nisar Bazmi (composer):

singer to bring expression to film music. She could render love songs, compositions depicting joy, sadness, tragedy with facility of movement. What exactly is the place of Madam Noor Jehan in the music of, first, the subcontinent, and then Pakistan? "Unrivalled, incomparable," says Nisar Bazmi, virtually the last of authentic composers of Pakistan's cinema.

Mushtaq Gazdar (Producer, director & script writer):

Noor Jehan belongs to that rare class of artistry which makes an
institution out of an individual. She has been the most precious
source of creativity through half a century of Pakistani cinema. The
success ratio of films she acted in is well above ninety per cent. It
would need a separate book to reckon the number of movies that made
good at the box office because of her songs.

Syed Noor (Film Director):

Apart from being a great singer Noor Jehan was also a great
person. She used to ensure the same respect for her staff as she got
herself, and this may be the reason why she faced no decline in her
career throughout her life. She was born to be a success and died a

Hamid Ali (Veteran Singer):

Singer like her was born once a century. Noor Jehan had a
mesmerising voice, the like of which can never be replaced or

Mohammad Ali (Actor):
Noor Jehan's death was a great tragedy. Noor Jehan's death was a
great loss to the film industry.

Talat Hussain (senior television and film actor):

A legend has died.

Nadeem (film star):

Madam Noor Jehan was an unmatched personality of the
subcontinent's music, and it will be impossible to fill the gap
created by her death.

Naushad (Legendary Composer):

I don't remember exactly when I first met Noor Jehan. It was
much before the Partition of course, when she was singing in India.
She was working in Mehboob Khan's Anmol Ghadi along with Surinder
Nath and Suraiya. That was when I was first introduced to her. I was
recording the song Jawa Hai Mohabbat, Hasin Hai Zamana, set in Raga
I was just told the story, the situation of the film and asked to
record the song on the lyrics given to me. The recording was in
Tardeo at National Studio which is the airconditioned market now. She
liked the tune very much when I first played it for her. She even
complimented me in front of Mehboobsaab. This was good for me because
when I started giving music in films, she was already a big name. Her
words carried weight and that helped me a lot.
She gave me lot of respect whenever she would sing Aawaz de
kahan hai in every concert she had. Her first film as a heroine was
Khandaan. Her husband Shaukat Husain Rizvi also made many films for
her. She acted with Dilip Kumar in Jugnu too. She was a very warm and
friendly person. At the same time, she was very mischievous person
also. In fact while recording Aawaz De Kahan Hai, we had only one
microphone. So she would stand on one side and Surinder Nath stood on
the other.
Surinder Nath was a very timid man. A thorough gentleman and he never
could take Noor Jehan's mischief in stride. What she would do is sing
her lines and instead of turning away, she would stare right into
Surinder Nath's face, making him nervous!
He could stand it no longer so he came to me and requested me to
ask her to turn away once she finished singing her lines. She laughed
then and did what as I asked her to do. She had certain innocence
when she played such pranks on her colleagues, but they didn't mind
it because they liked her very much.
She missed her Bombay friends a lot. Recently when we both were
in America, she called me up and cried that she misses her old house
in Chowpatty and her friends here. She always kept in touch even
though she went away to Pakistan. For an artiste there are no
boundaries. So even if she was in Pakistan she was always remembered
here as she remembered us.
Whatever she sang whether it was Mere Bachchpan Ke Saathi Mujhe
Bhool Na Jaana, Aaja Meri Barbaad Mohabbat Ke Sahare, Aawaz De Kahan
Hai, she sang with certain flair and she sang them in all her
She may not have felt the respect for my songs, but I did feel
her respect for me when she sang them. She accorded me that
unknowingly and I would be very grateful for that.
Though she has gone away now, I will always hope that her soul rests
in peace. She has given us her golden voice and that is why she was
called Malaika-e-tarannum Noor Jehan. I am sure all her fans all over
the world will miss her. So will I. Nobody can forget her.

Just like Jahangir's wife Noor Jehan is remembered even till
date, this melody queen also will be remembered by the world forever.


Muhammad Rafiq Tarar (Pakistani President):

Noor Jehan's death brings to end an era of singing.

Sushma Swaraj (Indian information & broadcasting minister):

Noor Jehan's melodies would continue to warm the hearts of music
lovers for generations to come.

Lal Krishna Advani (India's home minister):

I am a fan of Noor Jehan who has haunting, mellifluous voice.
Like her millions of admirers, I deeply mourn Noor Jehan's passing
away and offer tribute to the departed soul. Though she chose to
migrate to Pakistan after partition, she remained a part of the great
diaspora of Hindi-Urdu singers across the dividing lines.

Pervaiz Musharraf (Pakistan's military ruler):

Vacuum created by her death in the field of music would never be
filled. Noor Jehan rose to the dizzying heights of music and
dominated the stage for decades. She was a true Pakistani and sang
some memorable patriotic songs, which would remain in the hearts of
the people for ever.


Qateel Shifai (lyricist):

Noor Jehan sang with understanding; her delivery was remarkably

Javed Akhtar (Indian film writer, lyricist, urdu poet):

In the worst conditions of our relations with pakistan in 53
year, in a very hostile atmosphere, our cultural heritage has been a
common bridge. Noor Jehan was one such durable bridge. While politics
could not shatter that bridge, my fear is that her death may have
shaken it.

Kaifi Azmi (Indian Poet) :
Noor Jehan's voice and her stature could not be confined to
any one country. True, our country was divided. But this is not a
loss of Pakistan alone.

Gulzaar (poet):
Noor Jehan was a legend. It is sad that she left us. Actually
she left us twice. First, when she opted for Pakistan, second, when she left us forever.


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